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Our Origin Story...

In January 2019, our founder Ron Birkla was in a severe car accident and taken to the hospital. In the ER he explained his symptoms to the doctors. They ran a standard set of concussion and head injury tests and pronounced he would be fine in a few days. He tried to argue, repeatedly explaining his symptoms and pain level. They reasserted he would be fine and released him a few hours later.


The following morning his pain had reached intolerable levels, he had lost the hearing in his left ear, and he could barely walk. Knowing something was wrong, he consulted a new doctor. After explaining the same symptoms to her, she told him to come in to her office immediately. After conducting the same basic tests, she felt there was a major injury that had been missed and called for much more advanced scans. These scans found a multitude of issues that required multiple surgeries. Had he not sought out additional medical assistance, he would have permanent and irreparable damage. 


Following his surgeries, Ron set forth to use his 30 years of electronics engineering to create a device that would prevent this from happening to others. His goal was to provide "objective care" through the collection of hard data that would supplement the "subjective care" he and many others receive. He teamed up with software engineers and medical professionals to build the solution...


cogniTV was born. 

As development progressed, the system's full capabilities grew and grew. The development team has expanded upon the original concept to include the following capabilities:


  • Foundations Module provides Baseline Motor Skill, Cognitive, and Memory assessment for ages 10-100

  • Software Modules with specialized assessments and therapy exercises for Athletics, Military, and Geriatrics 

  • COVID: We are currently working on a Module to assist doctors and therapists with assessing and treating cognitive, memory, and motor skill dysfunction caused by "COVID Fog" syndrome

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